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About Lovell Johnson Quality of Life Center
The Lovell Johnson Quality of Centers were established during the 1960s and 1970s under the leadership of Rev. Lovell Johnson, Sr., St. Mark to expand the social justice programs of St. Mark AME Church.

The Quality of Life Center #2 is located at 1530, W. Atkinson Ave and was established to provide a variety of social services to the community. It began offering tutoring programs, karate classes, girl scouts, founded a credit union, opened low-income apartments for the elderly, and instituted a discussion forum to educate and engage the community on political and social issues.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center offers an array of services, and programs and also serves as the Wisconsin African American Tobacco Prevention Network and the Wisconsin Tobacco and Poverty Network.

About St Mark AME Church
St. Mark AME Church Known as A.M.E. for short, the St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal was the first African American church established in Milwaukee by Ezekiel Gillespie. Also referred to as the “Church of the Anvil,” the first A.M.E. church service was held in a blacksmith shop. The anvil serves as a symbol and expression of the history and faith of the congregation. This is the oldest African-American congregation in Wisconsin.Many of the era’s most prominent African American leaders, including Vel Phillips, were members of St. Mark.